School Policies

Refund policies:

Student may receive full refund (100%) of class payment if:

  • Class cancels due to insufficient enrollment.

Students that withdraw prior to completing 25% of any class, will receive 75% percent of refund (Registration fee is Non-Refundable). This policy complies with applicable federal regulations regarding refund.

Requirements for Enrollment for the courses offered here at Chosen Healthcare Institute:

  • Must be 18 years or older at the time of enrollment
  • Graduated High School Transcript/GED Transcript or Graduated College Transcript
  • Drivers license or Government issued Identification
  • Social Security Card (Non-Laminated)
  • If registering for C.N.A. I Refresher, Medication Aide, & C.N.A. II, an additional requirement applies.

*Need to satisfy these requirements above before registering for any course. (NO EXCEPTIONS!!!)

  • Completed Application (after paying the registration fee or up to full tuition payment)
  • Criminal back ground check can be completed at Chosen Health Care Institute for $20 or at the Mecklenburg County Court House for $25 (Had to been done within one (1) calendar year)
  • Physical Exam completed at clinic or Physician’s office (Had to been done within one (1) calendar year)
  • TB test (can be completed at Chosen Health Care Institute for $20) (Had to been done within one (1) calendar year)

Payment Plan Policy:

Payment plan for classes is available here at Chosen Healthcare. The payment plan is as follows:

  1. Must pay at least $50 registration fee. (The Registration fee of ($50) is non-refundable)*
  2. Must pay at least half (1/2) of the tuition balance by the first (1st) day of class.
  3. Must pay the remaining balance by as follows for each classes:
  •  C.N.A. I: the third (3rd) week of class
  •  C.N.A. I Refresher and Medication Aide: the fourth (4th) day of class
  •  C.N.A. II, Phlebotomy, and EKG: the fourth (4th) week of class

For Pharmacy Tech: The Remaining balance (after paying at least $50 registration fee)* can be broken up into three (3) payments. Where the first (1st) payment is due by the first (1st) day of class; the second (2nd) payment is due by the fifth (5th) week of class; and the remaining balance a.k.a. third (3rd) payment is due by the ninth (9th) week of class.

Payment plan must be done at the school location using cash or money order. 

*The $50.00 Non-Refundable Registration Fee must be paid either in Cash or in a Money Order, and must be done at the school location!!!!!

Transcript Requests

Transcripts are available to any student that has completed classes or programs here at Chosen Healthcare Institute Inc. The following are required in order to receive a transcript:

  • Must place an order of a transcript one (1) week in advance.
  • Had to complete at least one (1) course at Chosen Healthcare Institute Inc in it’s entirety.
  • All debts and documents for the school must be resolved BEFORE requesting of transcript.
  • Must be in good standing at Chosen Healthcare Institute Inc. unless otherwise specified.
  • Limit one (1) transcript per year.

The cost of the initial transcript is $5.00. Any additional request of duplicate transcripts will be $10.00 or more.


Inclement Weather

At the discretion of the school, Chosen Health Care Institute follows Charlotte Mecklenburg School closures. For closures and delays, listen to available media.